Outils pour faciliter la conception des engrenages

Automatisez le design des engrenages

Camnetics offre une suite d'outils évolués pour concevoir des modèles 3D d'engrenages.



+ Gearteq (conception d'engrenages):

-  Gearteq:


  • Face gears, axis coincident and at 90 degrees

  • New worm wheel tooth generation that is more accurate and faster than the previous "advanced method" in earlier releases

  • Test radius inspection for spur gears

  • XYZ surface text file creation for those using other CAD systems

  • Uses assembly positions so components can be used in mulitple locations and assemblies

  • Lock components using an integer password to prevent unwanted changes

  • Spiral tooth generating diameter can be specified for the Gleason standard

  • Zerol bevel and Camnetics TruSpiral bevel tooth curves can be selected

  • Lead crowning on spur, bevel and worm gears

  • Easier methods to swap between components and assembly positions

  • Work on Multiple types of components in the same assembly

  • See any changes to the geometry instantly on the display window

  • Multiple gears created as a single CAD part

  • Internal splines can be used as a bore on all components

  • Modifying CAD parts created by GearTeq is very easy

  • Automatically create assemblies in SOLIDWORKS with proper mating

  • Ten standard planetary gear systems are available with a few clicks

  • High ratio cycloid set (a single eccentrically mounted planet and a fixed internal gear)

  • On screen animations to help you visualize the working gears

  • Warnings when GearTeq detects something in your design that may not be proper

  • 3D wire frame with some surface shading

  • Create XY outputs of the involute points in Excel and text files

  • Create data sheets using Excel or text files

  • A description of each parameter is in the lower section of the property grid

  • Involute profile modification using linear or parabolic deviation for spur and helical gears

  • Automatic balance of addendum modification for spur and helical gears

  • Create additional tooth profiles that take into consideration the shrinkage of molded plastic gear teeth

  • Deviation chart for DIN splines, hub space width/shaft tooth thickness fit

  • An easy to use sizing for standard spur gears

  • Programmed on a platform that will allow greater enhancements in the futur


+ CamTrax64 (conception de cam):

-  CamTrax64 (conception de cam):


Cam Types:

  • Cylindrical (Barrel)

  • Segment Cams

  • Disk

  • Linear

Follower Types:

  • On center translating

  • Double cam followers

  • Conjugate paths

  • Off center translating

  • Oscillating (Swinging) arm


  • Cycloidal*

  • Harmonic*

  • Modified Sine*

  • Modified Trapezoid

  • Cycloidal/Harmonic*

  • Harmonic/Cycloidal*

  • Constant Velocity

  • Terminal Velocity

  • 3-4-5 Polynomial

  • 3-4-5-6 Polynomial

  • 4-5-6-7 Polynomial

  • 8th Power Polynomial

  • Constant Acceleration

  • Double Harmonic

  • User points

  • *Symmetry (n) is configurable.


GearTeq 2019 offre aux concepteurs des outils évolués pour concevoir des modèles 3D de composantes et assemblages  (vidéo en anglais)


Outils pour faciliter la conception des engrenages.